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Medical Disclaimer

1.       Credit

1.1    This document was created using a template from SEQ Legal (

You must retain the above credit. Use of this document without the credit is an infringement of copyright. However, you can purchase from us an equivalent document that does not include the credit.


Website Communications

2.1 There are feature on our website that permit our users to be able to communicate with us.

2.2 You understand and accept that because of the restricted nature of communication through our websites features, any advice you may receive through the use of any of these features is likely to be incomplete and therefore could also potentially be misrepresentative.

2.3 Any assistance you request and receive from any of our website’s features does not constitute precise advice and should in accordance not be relied upon by you without further independent validation

No warranties

3.1 There are no expressed or implied representations or warranties when it comes to the provision of   healthcare data on our website.

3.2 Without restricting the range of section 3.1; we do not guarantee or espouse that the information of a medical nature on this website:

(a) will be continuously accessible, or accessible at all; or

(b) is factual, precise, comprehensive, current or non-misleading.

Medical assistance

4.1 You must not depend on the information on our website in lieu of medical advice from your doctor or any other healthcare expert.

4.2 For any questions of a specific nature in regards to any medical matter, you should refer to your doctor or other healthcare experts.

4.3 You should seek immediate medical attention if you believe that you are suffering due to a medical condition.

4.4 You should never postpone seeking medical advice, neglect medical advice or cease with medical treatment due to the information on our website.

No advice

5.1 The medical information found on our website is general.

5.2 The information of a medical nature is not instruction, and should be disregarded as such.

5.3 All acquisitions are made not on an invitation to purchase, but on an invitation to treat basis.

5.4 All acquisitions may be disregarded by our expert medical team at their discretion.

5.5 Abiding by their locally pertinent laws, levies and narcotic enforcement organizations when purchasing is mandatory for all purchasers.

Limits upon exclusions of liability

6.1 In this disclaimer, nothing will:

(a) Limit or dismiss any accountability for either demise or personal harm that is a result of negligence;

(b) Exclude or limit any liability for any fraud or deceitful misrepresentation;

(c) Restrict any liabilities in any kind of way that is not allowable under pertinent law; or

(d) omit any liabilities that could not be disqualified under valid law.